Casino Bonus can either be won by deposit or given freely. How you can withdraw depends highly on wagering requirements. 1casino-bonuses is the word you should think when you think of the best casino bonus and wagering requirements.

How Wagering Requirements Affect Withdrawal

Wagering requirements are measures online casinos put in place to ensure they are not losing. The requirements are usually stated in terms and conditions to tell you when your bonus is viable for withdrawal. They include —

  1. The number of times you have to play.
  2. The percentage offered on deposit.
  3. The maximum amount you can deposit
  4. The maximum amount convertible.

A player can only withdraw on the bonus when every one of these requirements is met. Another condition that stands especially on the freely given casino bonus is the one bonus per player policy.

Number of Times to Play in Effecting Withdrawal

Withdrawal on casino bonus can only be valid by the amount you win by wagering requirements. Casinos go from as low as 10x to 1000x which is multiplied by the amount deposited to cash in on a bonus.

This will directly affect the number of times you have to play as you have to keep playing on the spins or slots before you get to the amount withdrawable. It varies differently on types of games.


Understand the Percentages Offered

Players need to understand the percentages offered on a deposit bonus to be clear on how big they’re withdrawing. Casinos offer rates from 50% to 500% and are only withdrawable on meeting the wager amount.

The percentage given on deposit is the bonus, which is multiplied by wager of 10x to 1000x as the case may be. It’s after this, your bonus will be viable for withdrawal. This varies for different online casinos.

Maximum Amount You Can Deposit

When you exceed the amount you could bet on a game with a bonus, your withdrawal is capped off. There are set limits on ranges of a wager. The higher the wager, the lower the amount to bet.

  • Lower amount with high wager pays
  • High amount with high wager is unnecessary

The points above tell you about the amount you should stake depending on wager. A high amount on a high wager is a real risk that can lead to a considerable loss. Hence, there is no withdrawal for you.

Maximum Amount Convertible

To avoid much loss on the online casino's side, They set a maximum amount you can withdraw on all games. You could win up to the wager set but only get the maximum amount set by the casino.

You could withdraw on a casino bonus, just ensure you know your game, see the percentage offered, meet with all wagering requirements, understand the terms and conditions thoroughly and your money is safe to win.